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Admission and requirements


German citizens with German transcripts (Abitur) should apply directly via the University of Osnabrück’s online portal. The same applies to international applicants with German transcripts (foreign students who completed school in Germany).

International students with foreign certificates applying to study in Osnabrück must meet certain conditions related to their subject knowledge and language skills. Their educational background and country of origin also affect the admissions procedure. Please contact the Admissions Office (Studierendensekretariat) for more information.

Students can apply for the MA CSP between May 15 and July 15.


A Bachelor's degree in social sciences or political science or a comparable degree with a specialization in social sciences or political science is required. Bachelor’s graduates in other related subjects (history, social geography, ethnology, social psychology, international law, and economics) can also be admitted if they can prove that they have a basic knowledge of social sciences or political science.

In addition, applicants must demonstrate knowledge of English at the B2 level under the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). If English is not the applicant's native language, this can be demonstrated by providing proof of eight years of successfully completed school English, proof of a language course successfully completed at the B2 level, or successful completion of an IELTS (with a minimum score of 5.0) or comparable language test.

Required documents

Applicants must submit the following documents – certified copies of certificates and records are required – with their application:

1) Degree certificate for a Bachelor’s degree or – if not yet available – certification of courses passed, credit points earned and average grade (Transcript of Records)

b) CV

c) Evidence of English language skills at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

(3) In support of their application, applicants may also submit certificates of internships, periods of study abroad, or other achievements.